5-a-day Fitness Quick Start Guide

5-a-day Fitness Quick Start Guide




 Please remember that this link is for usage by **pupils and parents attending Burwell Village College Primary School only**.


Welcome to 5-a-day Fitness, the amazing cross-curricular PE/MFL resource for

primary schools.

Your subscription provides every classroom in your school with online access to

fully demonstrated five-minute exercise routines specifically designed for

projection onto classroom whiteboards. There is no teacher preparation

required; with just the touch of a button you and your class can have fun, get

fit, and learn a language!

Getting Started

In your welcome email you will have received your whole school username and

a password. (Please contact info@5-a-dayfitness.com should you wish to

generate an easier password for your school.)

Once you have logged in at http://5-a-day.tv using these details, you will see

the main 5-a-day TV screen with your school name across the top.

The 5-a-day TV screen contains six channels:

Fitness, Language, Time-2-Chill, Leadership, School

Games, and Shopping.

Clicking on a channel will give you access to the

routines and resources within that section.

5-a-day Fitness Channel

Five-minute fun-packed themed exercise routines, each fully demonstrated on

screen with accompanying vocal instructions.

Each routine has a star rating, one star being the easiest and five stars being

the most challenging. The routines in the Fitness Channel can be used as a

wake and shake style activity during registration, energy breaks in lessons,

rewards for good behaviour, a warm up in PE or dance, or wet break activities.

5-a-day Language Channel

Our fun fitness videos with Modern Foreign Language voiceovers and on-screen

translations in French, Spanish, and Welsh.

Each MFL video has three levels. Level 1 offers on-screen keywords in English

and the chosen foreign language. Level 2 has foreign language keywords only,

and Level 3 is without keywords. These routines are great for active starters in

MFL lessons.

5-a-day Time-2-Chill Channel

Two-minute routines focusing on relaxation, imagination, balance, and


Choose from a selection of routines that will soothe and calm your class. These

routines are ideal for use after break or lunch, at the end of the day, or as a

cool down in PE.

5-a-day Leadership Channel

Routines and resources for encouraging creativity and developing leadership


Choose from four types of videos:

Fully Instructed: Watch, join in and learn the moves.

Creative Routine: Use this instrumental version to create and perform your

own movements.

Audio Version: Use this vocal instruction version as part of the 5-a-day

Stepping Stones guide to building confidence in leadership.

Instrumental Version: Use this instrumental version as part of the 5-a-day

Stepping Stones to building confidence in leadership.

A Movement List, Movement Picture Cards, and My Movement Cards (for pupils

to record movements they have created) can also be downloaded to assist in

pupils in leading routines.

5-a-day School Games Channel:

The 5-a-day Fitness Pentathlon, which encourages in-/inter-school

competition, is a multi-skill sporting event that can take place in the school

hall, or other suitable space, during a standard PE lesson. Download the easyto-

follow 5-a-day Pentathlon Teacher Guide, and you and your class can take

part our fun and simple event. Pupils can record their scores on the

downloadable score sheets, and use their ICT and numeracy skills to upload

their data to our online system. You can track competition data to compare

individual pupils’, classes’, and your whole school’s data with other 5-a-day

schools locally, nationally, and internationally. Monitoring pupil progress

throughout the year is easy using our simple instant graphs and charts.

5-a-day Shopping Channel:

Purchase your 5-a-day Fitness merchandise from our Shopping Channel.

Perfect as classroom rewards or motivational prizes. Posters, pens, pencils, Tshirts

and lots more available. Bulk order school discounts available.

If you would like to arrange a visit from one of our 5-a-day Fitness team, or

even a visit from one of our 5-a-day Fitness star performers, please get in

touch at info@5-a-dayfitness.com. Should you need any further assistance with

5-a-day Fitness, please do not hesitate to contact our support team on info@5-