School Admissions Information

We are thrilled that you are looking at applying for a school place at our lovely school.  As a maintained school we do not create our own admissions policy but instead have to adopt that of Cambridgeshire’s. To apply for a place or to read the aforementioned policy, please click on the following link:
Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the School Office on 01638 613103 or at
We look forward to making you part of our school community!


Currently we have a PAN of 90 which means we can only accept that number of children into Reception. This number is agreed upon by the Local Authority and the Full Governing Body / IEB.  There are many reasons for this decision including careful consideration of the size of communal facilities, staffing levels and budget implications.  If you feel that you would like to appeal a place that has been offered to you, the web address above will also lead you to that area.

Although we aim to get Reception children into full time education as soon as possible, we sometimes have to review this induction period. Please make sure that your child is fully toilet-trained before coming to school (except if there is a medical condition preventing this) and that they have opportunities to play with others without your presence in order to ensure that they are ready for school.


Sometimes parents / carers wish to move their children to our school.  This is deemed as an 'in-year admission' and the same process applies in that you apply to the LA and request our school.  If there are spaces and it is the right environment for your child, the LA will allocate a place.  Once you have had confirmation of a place, please let the school office know as soon as possible because schools do not get automatic updates on these applications.