Class Teacher Vacancy

Dear Colleague


Thank you for your interest in the post of Class Teacher at Burwell Village College Primary School.  


As you can see, I am the Interim Head at the school as the substantive post-holder, Nick Smith, is currently on long-term sick leave. I was appointed by the Interim Executive Board (IEB) before Easter and first arrived in the school on Monday 18th March so I have worked here for just over 4 weeks, hardly the longest tenure in the history of headship. However because I will not be the substantive Head in September (when I will return to my day job as CEO of the Morris Education Trust) and I have no vested interest in the school as such, I can be utterly candid with you.


Quite simply, this is a lovely school that has experienced some challenges in the past year but is storming back to full fitness. I have been bowled over by the commitment and determination of the staff who are so passionate about making Burwell a great school and by the enthusiasm and humour of the children who fill our community with their joy. The parents are very supportive of the drive to succeed and there is a strong Friends group which demonstrates the keenness to be involved.


This is therefore a fantastic opportunity for an enthusiastic colleague to come into a thriving educational community and make an immense difference to the lives of children and young people. In return you will be very well supported in your post by the governors and staff.


If you wanted to contact me to explore any of this further I can be reached at or on mobile: 07963 405269. Always very happy to chat about this wonderful school!


Yours faithfully


Mr Robert Campbell