All children study a language.  The younger children learn key vocabulary and simple phrases.  The key language that we teach at this school is French.  We are very lucky to have a French specialist, Mrs. Jones, who teaches Key Stage 2.  Here is a brief synopsis of what she will be covering during the Autumn Term of 2019:


Year 3 - The children will be taught how to ask and answer basic questions about themselves and how to count up to 12. They will begin to learn the vowel sounds in French.

Year 4 - We will be spending time remembering how to ask and answer questions in order to give information about themselves. They will expand their classroom vocabulary and learn some pencil case objects with a focus on gender.

Year 5 - The children will expand their knowledge of numbers and learn how to ask and give the time in French. They will begin to learn about mealtimes in France and how to give opinions on food.

Year 6 - This term the children will learn about what it is like to go to school in France. They will compare the French school system with the English system and learn to express preferences about the different subjects that they learn at school.