Newsletter Nos: 3

14th October 2016

Building Project Newsletter Nos: 3

Temporary Main Entrance:

The new temporary entrance has a display of the plans and artists impressions of what the school will look like at the end of the build, please feel free to pop in and have a look.

 New Admin Block:

As you will have seen work in this area has moved along at a fair pace with the brick work up to the first level already and the basic formation of rooms within the walls. The timeline for this work to be completed is provisionally set for early February with the admin team moving in over the spring half term 2017.

 New Kitchen:

This is an area that is not visible due to its location, but I am assured that the work here is progressing well, with the old dividing wall between the two rooms already demolished, the formation of the new entrance underway and many aspects of the internal works progressing on schedule. The school is hopeful that the new kitchen will be operational in time to cook this years Christmas dinner.

 New Two Storey KS2 Block:

A massive amount of ground works has been undertaken since the old two storey block was demolished during the summer break. The main structure of this building will be steel which will be arriving on site soon, after which we will see the building start to grow. This is a large part of the project and is programmed to be ready by early July 2017 after which the school has the exciting time of fitting the rooms out with furniture and equipment, with pupils occupying this new space at the beginning of the new academic year in September 2017.

 New Early Years Foundation Block:

Work is not due to start here in earnest until January 2017, however to prevent a potential delay in the works due to severe weather conditions, work has started on the grounds works to get the foundations laid. Once this has been done there will be a pause in the build until January 2017.

 Access to B.E.L.

The safe footpath to B.E.L. has been re-routed and the grass matting has been installed passing in front of Burwell Print and behind where the swimming pool used to be and can be accessed as follows: - 

  • If approaching B.E.L. on foot from the Causeway or Ness Road, please follow the public footpath until you reach Burwell Print where there is a break in the hedge, pass in front of Burwell Print and use the grass matting behind where the swimming pool was and through to B.E.L. There is no requirement to walk through the busy car park, if you are arriving by car please continue to be vigilant of the traffic when navigating from your vehicle to B.E.L.

 Other build projects in School:

Detailed below are a number of other building projects that are being managed by the school and will be taking place during the October half term.

  •  The school has been aware for some time that the sink areas in the KS1 classrooms have deteriorated to a very poor state and have worked with specialist contractors to design replacements. Following the design and quotation process the school have engaged InterFocus, a local business, to strip out and replace the four classrooms with the following design and replace the flooring tiles with safety flooring.
  • The group area in Mrs Francis class, 3A, will be partitioned off during the October break. This will consist of forming a corridor from the double internal doors to the courtyard and replacing the concertina doors with a dwarf wall and glazing. Completing these works will have a beneficial effect on this class by eliminating the distraction caused by adults and pupils passing through this entrance. The work is being completed by JT Property & Garden Maintenance based in Burwell who have carried out a number of projects of this type in school over the past few years.


  • The boundary hedge around the playing field, along Buntings Path and Ness Road, is due to be cut during the October half term break. This cut will be road side, playing field side and along the top to reduce the height, this cut will be very dramatic/drastic, however the school has been advised not to panic, the hedge will recover. At the same time the hedge from the top of the school drive will be cut back and general grounds maintenance works will be addressed.

 It is expected that these works will be completed by the time the pupils return on Monday 31st October.

 Mrs S Cater