Newsletter Nos: 4

2nd December 2016

Building Project Newsletter Nos: 4

New Admin Block:

The main structure of this part of the build is now complete, with the scaffolding removed and the ‘hard’ ground works complete, it is lovely to see what the front of the school will look like and the flag pole and memorial plaque will be reinstated to it’s new position. The remaining works to the exterior will see the building rendered and new lighting installed and the ‘soft’ landscaping undertaken.  The timeline for this work to be completed is provisionally set for early February with the admin team moving in over the spring half term 2017.

There will some additional works to be carried out to the old kitchen and to form the outdoor plaza leading from the main hall, the timeline for the completion of this is August 2017.

 New Kitchen:

The construction of the new kitchen is still underway, although I have not been allowed to go in due to the major reconstruction and H&S restrictions. I am assured that it is all still on track and as soon as I have some pictures I will let you see them.  However, I do know that the gas pipe has been relocated, the entrance has been formed, the huge new serving hatch has been cut through a very thick wall and pipes have been rerouted.  As mentioned before, due to unforeseen circumstances, the new kitchen will not be ready now until the end of January 2017 and to give the kitchen staff time to undertake training of the new hi-tech equipment, we will have the grand opening straight after the February half term break.

Once the kitchen is operational, we will be inviting parents/carers to come in and experience the new facilities by joining their child/ren for lunch, more information nearer the time.

 New Two Storey KS2 Block:

After a long period of what seemed to be nothing happening, the steel structure has started to be assembled and at least one of the stair cases is in situ. There’s still a massive amount of work to be done in this area and I will endeavour to keep you updated.

Other information:

During the building works, parking on the school site has been at a premium due to contractor vehicles on site and the loss of some spaces due to fenced off areas to accommodate the building works and space used by the storage containers in the middle of the car park. As a result and in an effort to park, some of our visitors have opted to park on the grass along the driveway.  This has caused some damage to the grass, especially during the wetter weather, therefore to safeguard the integrity of the grass and to ensure no additional cost to the school is incurred reinstating this grass; some temporary fencing has been erected along the driveway to prevent parking in this area.  I understand that this will exacerbate the parking problems; however I’m sure you will understand that we do not wish to spoil the landscaping leading to the school.

The school is pleased to announce that, thanks to close liaison with the P.C.S.O., there has been virtually no anti-social behaviour on site during the build project. However on the weekends there are occasions of cars being driven up the driveway, around the car park and then roaring back down the driveway at high speed.  In an attempt to cut down or eliminate these occurrences, it has been decided that the barrier at the top of the driveway will be relocated further down.  This will not impact on the library and both the Print Centre and B.E.L. have been consulted and have confirmed that this will not inconvenience them.

Yours sincerely

Mrs S Cater