School Vision

Burwell Village College (Primary)
Statement of Intent

Burwell Village College (Primary) seek to develop each child to reach and exceed their individual potential in partnership with parents and the wider community.


Achievements in Learning

· Equal access to the curriculum help children reach their true potential.

· Raised standards develop ambition in children, parents and staff.

· Children develop pride in themselves.


· Children have a heightened sense of responsibility to others and themselves.

· Children and adults respect each other’s views and beliefs.

· Positive social habits are developed.


· There is a sense of community and a confident outlook.

· The School contributes constructively to the wider community.

· The School and its children achieve local and national recognition.



· Children show co-operation and tolerance in and beyond the classroom.

· Children feel happy and are keen to learn.

· Children are at ease with each other and adults, building lasting friendships.

Staff and Governors

· Good relationships exist, with support, co-operation and a sense of humour.

· Partnership with parents is welcomed and encouraged.

· Appropriate support is provided creating enthusiasm and motivation.


· Its users appreciate the School.

· Relationships with groups and within the community are strong.

· Close working between the community and school staff is developed.



· Ensuring Equal opportunity exists for all.

· Promoting a clearly articulated ‘work ethic’.

· Encouraging children’s motivation to learn


· Providing a safe, secure and environmentally friendly School

· Maintaining a welcoming, attractive learning environment.

· Placing the School at the heart of its community.


· Providing excellence in facilities and resources.

· Developing the school through appropriate capital investment

· Achieving value for money by winning increased project funding.